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FRR Forex currently offers currency futures trading on all the three exchanges i.e NSE, MCX-SX and BSE. Currency futures trading takes place in 4 currency pairs - USD-INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR and JPY-INR. The exchanges are also expected to launch options trading in USD-INR soon.



Mecklai Financial is a well known name in the corporate world, primarily focusing on market research and treasury risk management.


A Daily Technical Analysis Report using technical charts and tools and bearing thorough trend analysis on the markets.

FRR Weekly Trader Report


These would be exceptional report highlighting events like union Budget, Credit Police, Major Economic Concerns, etc.


FRR FOREX provides a rigorous market research report designed exclusive for our Clients, with views on currency trends and trading suggestions.

About Us

F.R.Ratnagar & Co Pvt. Ltd. has a time–honored presence since 1983, in the territory of inter–bank currency broking and with nearly three decades of experience in this business, FRR Forex has gained tremendous goodwill to be one of the leaders in this closely knit market. Establishing firm relations with reputed banks has helped the company grow in the past few years. FRR Forex has a committed team of dealers to ensure the company’s good standing in the interbank foreign exchange world.

With its inter-bank broking expertise FRR FOREX now aims at enhancing its services by offering trading and hedging opportunities for individuals and corporates in the exchange traded Currency Derivatives market. FRR FOREX is a member of National Stock Exchange (NSEIL), MCX–SX and United Stock Exchange (USE) for currency futures trading. Furthermore, more accessibility and simplicity of the exchange traded currency derivatives has fascinated corporates to hedge their exposures, preferring it over OTC currency market. This market is equally lucrative for traders as it provides narrow spreads, low margin requirements and high liquidity.


We assist to set up franchisee channel for nurturing the relationships they need to serve their clients. We equip them with authenticated electronic trading platforms and efficient risk management structures to server their clients in a better way.

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