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Money Transfer

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union is a global leader in money transfer and message services, with a history of pioneering service dating back more than 150 years.

The Western Union-FRR Forex tie-up brings a new dimension to money remittance into India – offering to the customer an unique blend of speed (the speciality of Western Union), convenience (with all-India FRR outlets), and SERVICE – the efficient, courteous service for which FRR Forex is renowned.

The simple steps to receive money


The sender deposits money with Western Union office abroad and provides the details of the recipient customer in India.


A 10 digit Money transfer Control Number (MTCN) is generated by the system which is informed to the sender.


The recipient customer then approaches any of the all-India branches of FRR Forex with his personal photo-Identification document...

MoneyGram Money Transfer

MoneyGram's international and domestic money transfer services are an affordable, convenient option to traditional banks and credit cards, allowing people to reliably send and receive money around the world. As a global leader in wire transfers, MoneyGram's network of more than 320,000 agents in 198 countries makes it easy to find a location near you to send money.

Money Transfer Process