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5 Apps To Manage Money While You Study Abroad

Money Management Apps for Study Abroad
Money Management Apps for Study Abroad

Managing finances can be difficult, particularly for International students. It might be challenging to live on a tight budget while studying abroad, so you must constantly travel and explore new cultures. However, each student needs to strike the correct balance between keeping costs under control and leading a financially rewarding life. This is feasible with the aid of various apps that simplify your life and assist you in setting spending priorities. to begin with,

Mint is regarded as the most user-friendly and effective money management app. The app format is simple and can be used from anywhere in the world at any time. The app includes a budgeting feature that is useful for planning trips and determining how to save money on other expenses. The ability to drill down into your spending is the best part of this feature. This allows you to track your spending and stay on track. So you can use this app when going abroad.


XE is a fantastic software that allows you to compare exchange rates between any currency pair to observe how currencies are trending. It is well known for its live exchange rates. XE also offers a facility for sending money in 65 different currencies to more than 170 different countries. This app lets you tailor your currency list to your top priorities, which saves you time and aids in responsible money management.

Next on our list of the best money management apps is Splittr. This is a great sidekick for managing your budget if you're splitting meals and currency between restaurants or on a road trip. If you want to split your bill and know everyone's share, Splittr can also analyze everyone's share in different currencies. This helps save money and prevents students pursuing overseas education from making unnecessary payments on outings with friends.

If you are a student going abroad to pursue overseas education or a professional who wants to fund your dreams, Prosper is the app for you! Prosper can assist you in enhancing your financial well-being whether you are just starting and attempting to build your credit and financial profile or a financial expert searching for a new investment vehicle. You must consider it if you plan to study abroad.

Expensify is a powerful app for keeping track of finances while going abroad. This app is ideal for international students, travelers, and freelancers who commute or plan to commute to different countries. Expensify automates expense management and receipt tracking. Expensify's one-click expense reports in real-time save countless hours of tedious manual entry.

You've been saving and planning for a long time in order to make your dreams a reality. With the right apps, you can make the most of your money and travel further with less stress and paperwork.


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